Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas crafting 2009

So, christmas is always a good time to give yourself a good kick up the behind and get those unfinished objects FINISHED!
I finished a sewing course (Sept to Dec) in a local school and was so excited about actually knowing how to use my sewing machine, that I only photographed the gifts that I sewed!! (So, thats a hint for those who received a knitted gift...send me on a pic!)
I finished 3 cushion covers for my mam as her christmas gift. She had been looking at some in IKEA and hadn't bought them and by the time she went back they were gone. All I knew about them was that they had small blue flowers on them. So, luckily about 2 years ago I bought a set of old curtains in a charity shop because I knew some day they would come in handy :) They had lovely blue flowers on them!!! Yay!
So I set to making cushion covers....I started with an Oxford style cushion ( a new style to me) and then two back closing cushions. I spent a whole Saturday making them, which tells you alot about my skill level ;p And here is the photo shoot....