Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Naaasty times two!

I'm in two minds about putting anything negative on here. I was hoping to keep it for the more sunny positive side of life or even some of the dull things in life, but what happened on Friday night upset me so much that I think I will rant about it here....although on second thoughts maybe I won't! Lets just say that I had a run in with my neighbours who were terribly rude, threatening and racist to boot! All this from people who are currently studying to become doctors...definitely not the kind of doctor I would like to have at my bedside.

On another note and also home related...I recently bought the Women's Institute Book of the Home in a sale of library stock. It is a wealth of information and I feel like I will be using it as a written word Google for my home woes. I was having some problems unblocking a drain in the bathroom so I sourced an eco friendly and less scary than caustic soda solution in the above mentioned book. Here are the instructions for anyone out there with blocked drain problems...
Pour ½ cup of bicarbonate of soda down the offending drain;
Follow this with a cup of white vinegar;
Leave for 15 minutes;
Pour a kettle of boiled water down the drain and watch your drain become unclogged.

It is one of those gross but very satisfying tasks that make me so happy! I love when I get these things done and know everything is clean and hygienic again! I loved it so much that I repeated the process just for the craic! I also scrubbed the bath, sink and toilet just to put an extra shine on my happiness! Strange but true :)


  1. Haha! Yeah it's my back to nature approach to life ;p Nah, it's a nice tub in the west of Ireland x