Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soggy bottom boys apartment

I moved into a new apartment almost 4 years ago and I love it. It's only small (44sq.m.) but it's my little haven and I have filled it to capacity (or maybe a little over!) with all my stuff. Initially I kept the walls white and used textiles to bring in colour. My mam sewed cushion covers for me from the 70's curtains they had in the first house I lived in, they are so cool...I'd had my eye on them for a while, they have green camels on them!!! Totally rad ;p
But then, disaster struck...I had a massive flood last summer. The apartment above me had a burst pipe and because no-one was home it was left to flood my apartment for hours, filling it with water and as a result destroying everything. It has been a long road trying to get the place habitable again, I had to move out for 4 months and then move in with builders still working on the place. But, the upside was I got the opportunity to redecorate as I wanted (I hadn't chosen the kitchen or built in units and I was glad to have the excuse to change them)and to try out living in a cute house in another part of Dublin city.
So, coming home from New York I was looking forward to getting some more storage units and getting my stuff can imagine my horror when I walked into the apartment and saw a massive water stain on my ceiling!!! But I didn't panic, I rang the management company and hoped they would sort it out. Two weeks later, I come home again on a Sunday and find the stain has spread down my wall and behind my new cabinets!!! I am so tired of water, I have been dreaming of waking up and having a swimming pool in my kitchen and not in a good way! Hopefully this will all get sorted over the next while, but as a result I now think everytime I leave the apartment that all my belongings will have been destroyed when I come home...

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