Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foodie Friday

So, technically it's not Friday anymore in my home time zone or my holiday time let's pretend we're in California :)

So far NYC has not disappointed in the food department...I do fear for my waistline after 6 weeks of this kind of eating, but I figure I'll start eating salad every day once my travelling companions go home (yeah right!).

We started the feeding frenzy in a diner in Chelsea for a classic brekkie of omelettes, pancakes and french toast ( I didn't eat all this myself!!). Delicious!

The Famous Cozy Soup and Burger on 4th and Broadway has very friendly Greek staff and did a delicious split pea soup (highly recommended) and this yummy taco salad, apparently a diet friendly option...

Our wonderful guide on the uptown tour recommended Restaurant Row for lunch. We had a super scrumptious lunch at Yum Yum's Thai restaurant, which looks like this...

Sitting in Yum Yum's enjoying one of my favourite pastimes, people watching, I spotted Mr. Big!!! I was completely starstruck...thankfully mamma mia and flip flop were a bit more on the ball and he was gracious enough to have his photo taken...

This just made our trip...he really is very handsome in real life! I used to be more of an Aiden fan but Big really pulled it out of the bag in the end :)

We've also eaten in the Killarney Rose off Wall Street, a nice low key pub for a quiet pint and a chat with the friendly barmen. My dad's friend worked there for 33 years and has some great stories from his time there!

The Dao Palate was a great find on Flatbush, near the 7th Street subway in Brooklyn. It is a pan-Asian vegan restaurant...get the ribs if you go there, it sounds so wrong, but tastes so good! We were just about the only people there...

Close to this is the Burrito Bar and Kitchen which do a mean fresh guacamole and apparently Antonio's do good food but I haven't tried it out yet. And last but not least Jake's Saloon in Chelsea for a fine feed and a chinwag :)

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