Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reading list

On a more upbeat note, one of the things I love about travelling is all that extra time you have to read! I love reading anyway, and anyone who knows me will know that of course I have already been into numerous NYC public libraries, have joined up and got my membership number within the first week and am reading on every subway trip I is good!
This is the stack as it stands so far...I am reading another book which is not in the photo, but hopefully I will get these finished before I head home, or I won't have space in my case for all my new stuff! I've registered these on, I get such a kick out of seeing where the books end up after I have left them somewhere...If you are into watching your books travel the world you should check it out.

This is how your book should be enjoyed after a day of wandering the streets of New York...with a cup of Barry's tea and a bowl of love themed peanut m&m's.

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