Friday, March 25, 2011

Wavehill House

A few months ago, sitting at home in Dublin, while reading Design Sponge (my must read blog for the weekdays), I saw a post about Wavehill House. At the same time I was planning my escape to New York, but had not planned anything to do there apart from sit in café's and watch the world go by. I clicked on the link to the Wave Hill House website, searched through the events and found that they would have an embroidery workshop on while I was there, so it was the first event to go into my diary for the trip. The place has an amazing history and I was looking forward to checking it out.

The day came around for the embroidery workshop and it ended up pouring rain. I dragged a friend along with me and we taught ourselves embroidery in very Jane Austen style surroundings in a mansion on a rainy day.

I was so disappointed with the weather because we literally had to run from the gate to Glyndor House and still ended up soaking wet, so there was no opportunity to look around the grounds. I vowed to go back.

When my beau came over I asked him would he be interested in a trip to the Bronx and we penciled in another viewing of Wave Hill weather permitting. Luckily we did it the day before it started snowing again in New York, and we had a gloriously sunny but cold day to enjoy the grounds. We almost had the whole place to ourselves, our own Secret Garden.

I hadn't realised until my hosts in City Island told me that what I had embroidered was the Wave Hill House chairs, which I found when the rain wasn't obscuring my vision...

Wouldn't it be so lovely to bring a book, some knitting or just a cold drink and sit out on these in the summer looking across at the Palisades...heaven.

While at this stage of the year there wasn't huge amount in bloom and very few trees with leaves on, we still found beautiful grounds with a covering of bluebells and plenty of birds and squirrels rustling around...a little bit of heaven in the Bronx.

If you are planning a trip to New York I would highly recommend a half day out at Wave Hill, you can get there by subway and they pick you up at the station (details on the website). The area around the grounds is also nice, Riverdale, with some amazing houses and views across to the Palisades.

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  1. Love that blog darling! The place sounds totally perfect! Oh and I'd have to agree, it's been way too long between hugz ;0) ure so good my dear, and I promise to have you over to the bat cave when you return to us xx